Friday, November 20, 2009

Attitude is the best medicine

With all the talk about medicines and costs, pharmaceutical companies and health care reform, I realized this morning that I’d overlooked something that’s so very important-- and doesn't cost a penny. Pharmaceutical companies don't control it and insurance companies can't refuse this treatment.

I was reminded by one of the many cancer patients I correspond with. She brought up something I’d said to her over a year ago:

"Your positive attitude will help cure you. No matter what any doctor says, it’s of the utmost importance in beating this disease. It's the strongest medicine that God gave us: Our will to live."

Yes, I know that it’s easier said than done. Cancer and the effects of the medicines needed to fight it can, and for the most part, do kick your ass, and there are times you fear you're losing the fight.

However, to quote Napoleon Bonaparte:  

"He who fears being conquered is sure of defeat."


  1. I always thought that you were too stubborn to die.
    I'm thankful to God that you are still with us. You have so much more to do!

  2. Thank you for this post, Brett. Sometimes you forget what a positive attitude can do--in everything you encounter in life. Cancer sucks, no better way to say it. Being positive during treatment has to be VERY difficult. I know that's what helped you survive. I've decided to start living my life looking forward and being positive--if you can do what you did, I can certainly apply the same principle in my life!! You're my hero, Brett. And I share your wisdom with my friends and family, so everyone wins!!!!

  3. Yes, a positive attitude helps. Going through a throat/neck cancer diagnosis in my family; I am seeing 1st hand what Brett probably went through. Even though I've read his blog & pretty much knew what to expect; living through it is hard.

    It rips your heart out to see someone you love so much barely able to swallow; to lose over 10 pounds (similar in size to Brett); to not be able to find something to control pain. It's very hard at times to do this alone; but we push on every day.

    Yes, we try to stay positive; which is hard on the worst days. There are moments I want to cry but can't.

    As far as insurance refusing.. (which runs out this month) they don't want to cover one nausea medication. It wouldn't be bad if my pharmacy would have called me the last 2 days to tell me so that I can work my magic and have it pushed through.

    6 more radiation treatments. 1 more chemo. Done 12/24 if all goes well. Yes, it will be a Merry Christmas.